A selection of recent films. You can find a whole lot more films over on Pinkbike or Vimeo. New videos are usually published anywhere from once a week to once every couple of months.

Be sure to watch the videos below in full screen and HD for the best experience!

Tom Herriott Shreds the Ridge

15 year old rider Tom Herriott shreds the Ridge Run at Stile Cop, Cannock Chase.

Antur Stiniog Snow Day

February 2015 bought plenty of snow to the United Kingdom, and what better place to experience it all than Antur Stiniog? :)

January 2015 Racers Guild @ Stile Cop

The January Racers Guild downhill event. A hundred riders try and beat the clock. Trail is the red - as is tradition for January!

December 2014 Racers Guild @ Stile Cop

On a cold and frosty morning, the last Racers Guild event of 2014 takes place. The event was held on the Ridge Line.

October 2014 Racers Guild @ Stile Cop

A quick edit thrown together due to only having a GoPro camera on hand. The trail used is Wonderland.

Two Days at Bike Park Wales

Two days of riding at Bike Park Wales. Ben, Tom, and Will spent the weekend riding the fantastic South Wales bike park.

September 2014 Racers Guild @ Stile Cop

A cinematic black and white intro before getting straight into the action. Held on the New Line trail, which is one of the trickier lines at Stile Cop.

July 2014 Racers Guild @ Stile Cop

Filmed on the A&E trail at Stile Cop in mid-summer made for some very intimate shots - you're definitely close to the action on this one!

Alex Brown rides Follow the Dog

Alex Brown from Chase Skills Chase Skills rides Follow the Dog at Cannock Chase. Filmed over two days on most of the sections around Follow the Dog.

Racers Guild Squadron Training Day at Stile Cop

The Racers Guild Squadron team held a training day at Stile Cop recently, to assist in the team riders' skills.

Adam Halling rides the Monkey Trail

Adam Halling from The Bike School rides the Monkey Trail at Cannock Chase. Filmed in a day on various sections on the trail including Lung Buster, Rainbow Valley, The Original Monkey, Le Singe Noir, Upper Cliff, Insidious Incline, and Lower Cliff.

December 2013 Racers Guild @ Stile Cop

December 2013 Racers Guild event at Stile Cop. The event took place on the Ridge Line trail, with a tweak to the end.


Below are a selection of photos taken at various events, including races, uplift days, and more. This is just a tiny selection of photos taken over the past few years.

Looking for a specific event or album? Check out the photography page for more.


Ride Your Damn Bike creates awesome bike films and takes photos based near Cannock Chase in the Midlands.

The idea of "Ride Your Damn Bike" came from the fact that I wanted to publish stuff under a "mini production company" of sorts, instead of under my name (hey, it sounds cooler!), and the name was inspired by IFHT & NSMB.com's video, "How To Be A Mountain Biker".

Ride Your Damn Bike is run by Will Hook - you can find me on Twitter or Facebook.

I am available for both photo and video work - as a rough guideline, I charge £200 for a half day (up to 5 hours), or £350 for a full day (excluding expenses such as travel). Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

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