Photos from Sunday’s Run & Ride Summer Classic at Cannock Chase are now online to view/buy on Roots & Rain.

The event took place at Cannock Chase in the Midlands, on the cross country race routes around Tackeroo Campsite – with a slightly different route compared to previous Summer and Winter Classic events.

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2015 Run & Ride Summer Classic

Conditions were mostly dry, with the odd puddle here and there from the Friday storms. Run & Ride have been very successful in bringing XC racing to the masses, with both the Summer and Winter Classic races proving extremely popular, and this year was no exception. A special mention goes to Kate Hall and Jo “Allthegearnoidea” Bloomer – coming top in their category…albeit the only two in their category. 😛

2015 Run & Ride Summer Classic

Finally, please note: You may notice the photos are on sale on Roots & Rain for £4, or Facebook for £3. I usually only sell the photos through R&R (as it’s easier for me and generally gets more traffic), but at the time of uploading them, R&R hadn’t added the event to their site – so I decided to sell them through Facebook just in case. The £1 cost difference is due to the commission and PayPal fees from R&R.

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