I recently had the opportunity to go along to Full Throttle Racing‘s team ride day, at Boreton motocross track near Shrewsbury. FTR had asked if I could do a video and a few photos of the day. I’ve seen the odd motocross event before, such as Nitro Circus (side note: it was absolutely brilliant!), but never close up, so why not?

This was my first time doing video and photos of motocross, so there was a bit of a learning curve to it – first and foremost, they move a lot quicker than downhill bikes do! It’s definitely a challenge especially when you’re using a zoom lens and are trying to focus on the subject, and you can probably see it in the video. It’s definitely not my best work, but practise makes perfect, right?

Below are a couple of the photos I took on the day – video was the priority, but I took a small selection of photos on the day too. A few of the best photos I took are up on Facebook – be sure to check out the album.

  Facebook Album
FTR MX Ride Day
FTR MX Ride Day
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